Kaspersky Internet Security pentru Windows 7 – technical preview

Poate ati auzit faptul ca Microsoft planuieste sa lanseze in aceasta vara succesorul Windows Vista, care se va numi Windows 7.
Prima versiune Beta a fost deja lansata si teoretic programele care functioneaza pe Windows Vista sunt compatibile si cu Windows 7.

Totusi sunt si exceptii, iar Kaspersky a lansat o versiune a programului sau Internet Security creata special pentru Windows 7.
Pentru acei nerabdatori care au instalat deja Windows 7 beta, puteti descarca acest “Technical preview” de aici.
Programul include atat antivirus, cat si firewall, dar si un modul anti-spam.
Ofera o interfata noua si de asemenea un motor euristic imbunatatit si scanare mai rapida cu un consum mai mic de resurse.

Iata si intreg changelog-ul:

Release Note

1. Improved application performance.
2. Improved anti-virus file protection technology.
3. Means of control over applications’ access to connected external devices.
4. Easy and handy access to any component of the application.
5. Means of control over users’ access to web-resources (web site viewing and file downloading).
6. Proactive defense module was updated: list of events, processed by the component, was extended.
7. IPv6 protocol support.
8. Means of the application remote installation through Kaspersky Administration Kit with the latest version of the application databases.
9. Improved application update procedure: now a computer rarely has to be restarted.
10. Means to specify a new parameter (socket type, with raw-socket support) when creating a rule in the Firewall module.
11. Traffic analysis of Internet-pagers (for ICQ, MSN) that provides security while working with them.
12. Mechanism of exporting / importing several parameters from the command line.
13. Additional information about processes trying to get access to the application is registered in reports.
14. Means to manage parallel search for vulnerabilities when scan task is executed.
15. Improved mechanism of working with application, installed on a remote computer, using Kaspersky Administration Kit (policy structure is redesigned).
16. Means of remote administration of Anti-Spam and Anti-Spy components using Kaspersky Administration Kit.
17. Possibility to use the application configuration file when creating a policy through Kaspersky Administration Kit.
18. Possibility to export / import the exclusion list from Kaspersky Administration Kit policies.
19. Update and scan tasks configuration is now performed in group tasks only and is not available from policies.
20. Uninstall mechanism for applications, which may cause compatibility problems with the product, has been simplified.
21. Possibility to copy objects from local storages (storages on client computers) to administrator’s workspace (for example, in order to send them to the Virus Lab).
22. A new mechanism to manage sheduled scan task when screen saver is on or computer is locked.
23. Data files size restriction (reports, quarantined and backuped files).
24. Client computers with the application installed may be temporary excluded from policies and group tasks scope when working via Kaspersky Administration Kit. This function is available after entering the password.
25. Specific settings are available for mobile users when configuring group update tasks in Kaspersky Administration Kit.


1. Excessive CPU load while updating the databases.
2. Solved VBScript and .Net applications compatibility problems.
3. Solved errors affecting work with network printers.
4. Solved ISA-servers clients compatibility problem.

Known issues:

1. Incorrect operation of the function which excludes client computers with the installed application from policies and group tasks scope when working via Kaspersky Administration Kit.
2. Errors occur during the operation of policies creation wizad, update and scan tasks when working via Kaspersky Administration Kit.
3. Incorrect operation of Network Agent while attempting to save an object from network storage when working via Kaspersky Administration Kit (quarantine, backup, objects with postponed processing).
4. Delayed update of the information on Administration server connection in the application interface.
5. Incorrect policies applying to Mail Anti-Virus plug-in for Microsoft Office Оutlook (policy is not applied).
6. Status of blocking parameters by Kaspersky Administration Kit policy is not taken into acount in Security Wizard.
7. Absence of possibility to create policies for mobile users of the application.
8. Impossibility of deleting objects from network storages in Kaspersky Administration Kit (Quarantine, Backup storage, objects with postponed processing).
9. Incorrect operation of Proactive Defense: component may block the launch of Kaspersky Administration Kit console.
10. Incorrect operation of Proactive Defense: component may block Network Agent installation.
11. Incorrect functioning of updates: applied only after application restart.

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