Exclusive Interview with Comodo’s CEO, Melih Abdulhayoglu

Melih Abdulhayoglu interviewPer request of our Englis-speaking viewers I decided to post the original interview with COMODO’s CEO, Melih Abdulhayoglu. He was kind enough to give us this Exclusive interview.

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FaraVirusi.com: Hello sir. Thank you for accepting to give us this interview. Can you please tell us a few words about you ?

Melih Abdulhayoglu: I am an Idealist Geek and Entrepreneur combined together J My Vision driven by the Idealist geek in me while the entrepreneur make sure business aspect of these vision are realized. I am an electronics/computer engineer and have built my first circuit when I was 9 years old.

FV: How did all things started with Comodo ? If you can summarize in a few (4-5 phrases) its history and beggining.

MA: I started Comodo in 1998. I wanted to create Trust Online, but you can’t create trust online, unless you have security. So I decided to provide both of them. I was lucky enough I had good people who believed in my vision and initially backed me up. Now Comodo employs over 600 people worldwide and continues to enjoy high growth.

FV: What projects are currently under development in Comodo’s Laboratory ? I found CIS 4 is on its way to Beta. Can you reveal us some new features and improvements?

MA: That’s a big question J we have many projects under development like EasyVPN, HopSurf, Comodo Dragon, Comodo Time Machine and so on. CIS 4 will bring world’s quietest default deny technology using Sandboxing and Behaviour blocking. We have also developed CIS4 cleaning engine. Not only have we improved prevention and made it very quite, but we also have expanded cleaning capabilities of it.

FV: It is known that we have thousands of new malwares every day and there is a big challenge to keep in track with them.

MA: Do you think signature-based AVs will disappear and in the future a security product will be entirely based on
heuristics\behavior-blocking or HIPS ?
I don’t think they will disappear as such in the short term, but its roles will change. Anti Virus product was invented to do “cleaning”. Somewhere down the road it became “protection” tool. But this was not justified title as Anti Virus products could never protect you from new viruses they didn’t know. So I believe Anti Virus products will be used for cleaning infected PCs and HIPS will be used for “protecting” them. Of course there are ancillary uses of Anti Virus products like Comodo does by using AV reduce no of alerts for HIPS. So AV is not used to protect but used to make HIPS more usable.

FV: “Cloud” technology is being very popular nowadays. What do you think about it? Would you transform ThreatCast into such a thing?

MA: Well ThreatCast is a cloud technology already. You will see advancements in Threatcast we have made after v4.

FV: Do you plan the integration of an advanced cleaning module that could be in charge with the “after virus removal” cleaning? I mean
deleting autorun.inf left by viruses, deleting infected registry keys, and all other junk left by a virus. Additionally is there any plan for reparing infected files with file infectors like Sality, Virut, etc?

MA: Very much so. There are 2 kind of markets.
a)People with a clean PC who want to keep it that way by adding protection products like CIS
b)People who have infected PCs who wants it cleaned up.
Initially we concentrated on providing the protection technologies. Now that we have succeded in this, we have started developing some very strong (almost acid-like) cleaning technologies that will be available with CIS4. You will see the power of cleaning capability of CIS4 against most difficult hard to remove malware. And yes we will also try to clean the infected files.

FV: Will you add registry cleaner, backup and other system maintenance tools into Comodo Internet Security to make it CTS (Comodo Total Security)?

MA: This is a good question. In one hand it makes sense to create one package, but on the other hand some says lets keep it separate. I guess its upto our users! Comodo has invented “User Driven Commercial Development” model whereby our users have a direct say in our development say that we pay for. This has created a very powerful combination and unlike some open source projects where resources have been an issue, with the above model by putting commercial money into user driven development we have created amazing products very quickly.

FV: What is your oppinion on av-comparatives or Virus Bulletin tests ? I’ve seen Comodo is not there.

MA: 🙂

I think now the world has accepted my viewpoint that Dynamic tests are the true test of a product claiming to protect a computer. AMTSO.com is the answer.

FV: Without digging into an old debate, but taking into account that SoftPedia is a romanian brand, are you going to make any other retries
to get Comodo back on SP download portal? I’m asking this as romanian users, basically didn’t read any official reaction from you.

MA: Softpedia has been kind enough to see our point of view and has changed their wording from Adware to Ad-supported as per our request. As a result we have now given permission for them to list our products and you can see them listed now (some are being uploaded still at the time of writing)

FV: Is there any plan to make security products for Linux\Mac OS ?

MA: Yes, but don’t know when.

FV: If you have just one piece of security advice for people that are just going out and buying their computers, what would that be?


I built CIS because of a need. Need for protection. I was getting sick of everyone being infected! So for a clean computer the best solution is Default-Deny based security product like CIS, so that you can keep your clean computer clean!

Administrator FaraVirusi.com
voluntar al Comodo Malware Research Team, expert Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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