Avira v10 SP1 – Actualizarea va fi Lansata In Curand…

Produsele Avira, v10 au fost lansate de ceva vreme si au fost raportate anumite erori si probleme ce au fost remediate, insa intre timp au aparut si alte bug-uri.

Avira va lansa in circa doua saptamani, SP1 pentru versiunea 10 a produselor sale de securitate. Au fost remediate nu mai putin de 109 bug-uri.
Momentan se afla in testare interna, insa va voi tine la curent cu detaliile pe masura ce apar.

Iata lista modificarilor aduse:

23449 CLOSED FIXED The guard template for guard-exceptions is missing in AV9 and AV10 Server for AV SharePoint
30011 CLOSED FIXED (Call #71472) SMC: Folder Exception for “C:\Program Files\” on x64 and x86 based Systems
30621 VERIFIED FIXED FIREWALL: WER crash report #663364152
30741 VERIFIED FIXED (Call #79434) avgntflt generates TimeOuts when ProActiv is enabled / installed
31009 CLOSED FIXED Closing Configuration Center causes a ProActiv warning event
31397 CLOSED FIXED BSOD after windows log off
31817 CLOSED FIXED BSOD of minifilter during upgrade to the AV10
31945 CLOSED FIXED GUI: It’s not possible to scan more than one vmware-image in a profile
31967 CLOSED FIXED Avira Firewall entries remain in WSC after deinstallation on XP
32005 CLOSED FIXED Not proper repair WORM/IrcBot.353792
32053 CLOSED FIXED Bluescreen during Repair Routine of BDS/GrayPigeon.A
32447 CLOSED FIXED BSOD fltmgr when update from AV9 Server to AV10 Server
32513 CLOSED FIXED LOC JP: table in “virus found”-dialog is faulty/incomplete
32611 CLOSED FIXED Start the full scan automatically
32667 CLOSED FIXED Bluescreen avipbb.sys after 3days up-time
32707 CLOSED FIXED (Call #90965) Guard crashes after many timouts and makes system slow
32717 CLOSED FIXED (Call #91441): The “Allow stopping the scanner” option is not working
32743 CLOSED FIXED (Call #98526) MailGuard can’t work when using network profiles
32753 CLOSED FIXED (Call #94029) AV10 Updater write all 2 seconds UPD Logfile with Error because Reboot is needed
32803 CLOSED FIXED (Call #93924) Quarantine upload is not working
32815 CLOSED FIXED (Call #93909) Blue Screen when copying a file to an AS400
32847 CLOSED FIXED (call #93795): Bsod caused by avipbb.sys when accesing a bank web page.
32849 CLOSED FIXED Default button in AV Config doesnt reset the firewall settings
32873 VERIFIED FIXED Help button in Korean is broken
32889 CLOSED FIXED LOC: fontsize of Slideup should be adjustable
32939 CLOSED FIXED HIPS: Calculate MDA weight
32983 CLOSED FIXED Remove forced product update for AV10
33013 CLOSED FIXED (Call #94822) T-Online discard mails if SMTP scan is activated
33015 CLOSED FIXED Scanner profile “suche nach aktiver malware”
33017 CLOSED FIXED (Call #67931) – Windows 2000 Clients freeze if avipbb.sys is loaded
33019 CLOSED FIXED Updater crashes (because of the use on WinInet in a process running as a service)
33021 CLOSED FIXED Complete Report is not logging the last sub-directory
33023 CLOSED FIXED Missing new Runkey in ‘CurrentVersion\Explorer\WorkgroupCrawler\Shares’
33027 CLOSED FIXED Start the full scan automatically
33029 CLOSED FIXED (Call #91101) SMC: Default update job is hourly executed even in SMC mode
33031 CLOSED FIXED (Call #91812) Scanner: if ‘follow symbolic links’ feature is activated, not possible to finish a system scan
33033 CLOSED FIXED (Call #91812) Hidden object detection for c:\windows\repair folder
33035 CLOSED FIXED (Call #91441): The “Allow stopping the scanner” option is not working (AV Server)
33037 CLOSED FIXED AV10 asks for Rescue CD because of hidden Drivers (Daemon Tools)
33045 CLOSED FIXED LOC IT: AV Prof Italian is displayed as AV spanish in SMC software repositiory
33065 CLOSED FIXED HIPS: CreateMainThread always triggers Code Injection on Windows 7
33069 VERIFIED FIXED LOC ALL: Language confusion in AV Prof General::Events configuration dialog
33133 CLOSED FIXED Word cut in AV 10 prof Russian
33175 CLOSED FIXED avscan.exe crashes when Luke Filewalker showing tootip to very long path
33191 CLOSED FIXED Word cut in AV 10 prof Korean
33209 VERIFIED FIXED AVGUARD: WER crash report #1045597376
33213 VERIFIED FIXED AVGNT: WER crash report #1028330807
33215 VERIFIED FIXED AVFWSVC: WER crash report #1054210686
33217 VERIFIED FIXED AVCENTER: WER crash report #1017901676
33219 VERIFIED FIXED SCHEDLUER: WER crash report #1023301027
33221 VERIFIED FIXED SETUP: WER crash report #1048492889
33223 VERIFIED FIXED AVSCAN: WER crash report 1762050847
33225 VERIFIED FIXED AVGUARD: WER crash report #1764622936
33243 CLOSED FIXED (call #95337):Firewall doesn’t remember application rules under windows 2000
33259 VERIFIED FIXED AVGUARD: WER crash report #1770757065
33261 VERIFIED FIXED AVGUARD: WER crash report #1764871684
33263 VERIFIED FIXED FIREWALL: WER crash report 1774339179
33277 VERIFIED FIXED FIREWALL: WER crash report #1056000466
33291 CLOSED FIXED (Call #95355) – Footer Check box for MailGuard in config profile always shown enabled
33297 VERIFIED FIXED SETUP: WER crash report #1054543871
33301 VERIFIED FIXED NOTIFIER: WER crash report #1057144734
33303 VERIFIED FIXED NOTIFIER: WER crash report 1400241885
33311 VERIFIED FIXED AVMCDLG.EXE: WER crash report #1774857742
33353 CLOSED FIXED scanner does not log last sub-directory in complete report when it follows .lnk shortcut
33387 CLOSED FIXED Licence information texts differ from documentation
33435 CLOSED FIXED (Call #100000) WebGuard block www.thelabelfinder.com with error 1
33441 CLOSED FIXED (Call #98692) – Automatically reboot of OS with silent full system scan
33613 CLOSED FIXED Setup: Repair/update installation via SFX file always causes reboot on w2k and xp32 and installs wrong IFS filter
33653 VERIFIED FIXED (Call #90965) Guard crashes after many timouts and makes system slow
33667 CLOSED FIXED (Call #102574) SMC: AV10 slide-ups are not shown in SMC mode
33671 CLOSED FIXED (Call #102246) avguard crashes after new product update (EU1) released
33693 CLOSED FIXED Update of protection ACLs blocked from running AV9 registry protection during update from AV9 to AV10
33715 CLOSED FIXED (Call #103069) AV Server: avsplugin.dll is missing when trying to install new features about setup.exe
33771 CLOSED FIXED (Call #101822) Rebooting computer causes some ProActiv warning events
33789 VERIFIED FIXED LOC ALL: Language confusion in AV Server General::Events configuration dialog
33805 CLOSED FIXED Set Default for Warning about administrative account to “off”
33811 VERIFIED FIXED LOC ZH_CN: AV 10 prof (chinese simplified) cannot be uninstalled remotely after upgrade
33875 CLOSED FIXED (Call #104816) AntiVir Professional Firewall blocks latest version of Thunderbird
33949 CLOSED FIXED OEM Customization: Possibility to show logo on left side is missing
33989 CLOSED FIXED Scanner should write the complete path to rescue.avp
34067 CLOSED FIXED (Call #102184) The MMC crashed when you added more than 20 AntiVir Server in the Avira GUI
34189 CLOSED FIXED MailGuard footer does not handle content compression
34247 CLOSED FIXED LOC ALL: Drop down bar cannot be unfolded in configuration dialog if SMC is on 2K8 64bit
34281 CLOSED FIXED (Call #102040) AV10 Professional: BSOD by stopping AV10 AntiVir Guard Service / Unload avgntflt
34355 CLOSED FIXED HIPS: Sensors white listing don’t work as expected (HIPS capture it’s own events)
34475 CLOSED FIXED SETUP_ Change default setting and text in Avira Community dialog
34683 CLOSED FIXED STRESS: Service restart after a short period of stress
34697 CLOSED FIXED cchipsrc.dll is not downloaded
34719 CLOSED FIXED No new catalog files for minifilter and rootkit driver
34727 CLOSED FIXED (Call #106551): Resource leak in Firewall service
34729 CLOSED FIXED Settings in avgntflt.inf not correct for all OS
34741 CLOSED FIXED Removing of forced flag causes download of unwanted files
34745 CLOSED FIXED Avipbb.sys driver for w2k causes BSOD while probing several hooks
34749 CLOSED FIXED Avipbb.sys driver for xp32 causes hang of operating system while probing several hooks
34777 CLOSED FIXED Firewall does no longer run properly after update from AV9 to AV10 SP1 due to Side-by-Side error
34831 CLOSED FIXED SMC: Silent update to AV10 SP1 forces system restart message with countdown that cannot be canceled
35001 CLOSED FIXED HIPS: stress test “007-multy-signed-stress” failed
35017 CLOSED FIXED MailGuard does not close IMAP connections
35229 CLOSED FIXED Unnecessary reboot message confuses user
35395 CLOSED FIXED avgnt.exe is not restarted after update of avipbb.sys
35713 CLOSED FIXED (Call #121523) AV10 Guard Interactive Mode Setting “Always ignore”
36023 CLOSED FIXED mail content is partly lost with Thunderbird 3.1 and enabled MailGuard footer
36075 CLOSED FIXED Update to EU8/SP1 causes error messages due to denied write access to driver registry keys
36091 CLOSED FIXED AV10 Japanese SP1 cannot be released before AV10 DE/EN SP1
36267 CLOSED FIXED Setup: Error message during the installation process
36417 VERIFIED FIXED Setup: Error message during the installation process (setup from command line)
36733 CLOSED FIXED String in Firewall Popup incorrect
36807 CLOSED FIXED AVGIO was stopped after update from EU2 to SP1
37839 VERIFIED FIXED AVIPBB: WER crash report – Bucket ID: 21634175

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8 responses to “Avira v10 SP1 – Actualizarea va fi Lansata In Curand…”

  1. sergiu

    Salut Radu. In opinia mea,era și timpul. Pana nu am citit articolul de fata ,nu aflasem de intenția lor,drept care mulțumesc foarte mult pt informație! Te aștept cu vesti noi cat mai curând pe aceasta tema! STIMA.

  2. Vali

    Interesant…. am o licenta pe 3 ani Avira premium security din care au trecut 2 ani….dar la trecerea de la motorul 9 la 10….am avut probleme cu outlook-ul ….practic daca-l configuram sa scaneze alte porturi (ex cel de gmail 995)…deseori si pe 25…..nu mai intra nici un mail…..sper sa rezolve …altfel ….e o solutie de securitate destul de buna…. nu regret banii dati pe el.
    Multumesc pentru informatie …o sa stau cu “geana” pe ei….desi face update si upgrade automat. 🙂

  3. laxinuver

    Mulțumesc! pentru informație Radu și aș avea o mică întrebare, poate poți să-mi dai o mână de ajutor: Este posibil să dezactivezi blocarea autorun-ului pentru discurile externe personale și deja conectate la computer în Avira Premium Security Suite 10, mi se întâmplă destul de des la repornire și ce mă deranjează cel mai mult este faptul că pierd icoanele discurilor?

  4. Cristi Cluj

    Eu am renuntat la Avira 10 Free Personal din cauza , cand am trecut pe windows vista sp2 , nu stiu de ce dar cand se updata intotdeauna mi se bloca internetul , am prin rds si prin router asus, initial am crezut ca era routerul ca trebuia sa-l restartez ori prin soft ori sa-l scot din priza si dupa aia isi revenea.. si daca se updata de 2 ori de ori bloca routerul dar fix dupa ce se updata avira… asa ca inainte am avut xp si pe el nu am avut proleme de genul ma gandeam ca doar cu Vista are ceva probleme antivirusul si asa era, din momentul in care am dezinstalat avira free si am instalat Avast Personalul deci tot editia Free, problema a disparut merge brici totul e ok nu mai se blocheaza routerul… sunt multumit si de avast… acuma.. dar inainte eram doar fan avira…. sper sa fi reparat eroarea cu blocarea routerului a internetului cand se updata… om vedea…

  5. Avira v10 SP1 – Actualizare Importanta pentru produsele Avira Premium, Security Suite si Personal Free

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