KIS/KAV 2011 CF2 RC – Sute de Probleme Remediate

Versiunea 2011 a produselor Kaspersky Antivirus si Internet Security a fost lansata de ceva vreme.
Totusi, au existat anumite bug-uri, probleme de compatibilitate si performanta, pe care le-ati sesizat si voi probabil.

De aceea echipa din spatele acestui produs a lansat versiunea CF2 (Critical Fix) care remediaza majoritatea problemelor raportate. Aceasta este acum in stadiul de RC, adica foarte aproape de lansarea versiunii finale destinate publicului larg.

kaspersky 2011 download

Lista problemelor remediate este impresionanta, iar daca va plictisiti puteti sari direct la finalul articolului pentru link-urile de Download:

82512 SB: SB not cleared
83010 IMAV-report: nick name is absent and incorrect via Googletalk
84159 SB:The AOL toolbar cannot start in the sandbox
86413 [64bit] Logon scripts can’t be disinfected by KIS2011 on 64 bit system
86608 Reports:Duplicate categories in the filter of Result
89221 updater: regupd custom action doesn’t work
89459 AntiPhishing & AntiSpam: falses on heuristic AP
90310 PDM (need to exclude verdicts from childs by WhiteList)
90698 installer:activation code can’t be picked up in silent mode
90994 ODS: Cant remove file from corrupted rar archive.
92868 FTP: The virus’s address is wrong on the alert dialog.
92915 [MasterCD] autorun.exe – incorrect displaying of icons, buttons and Logo
93031 Deleted curable startup file displayed as active threat
93860 SB.SR, S64: The green border is not present at the maximum size of a window
94089 Help: The text about samples of SPAM
94320 forum: “protected” status with corrupted AVbases
94840 Gadget: scan object when product unload
94998 File AV do not skip file by iChecker after modification, close, check, read
95168 incorrect Help to the window “Upgrade”
95291 IM:Can’t detected Hyperlink in ICQ detail
95390 copy of MSI object skipped and not skipped by iChecker
95614 from forum: “help” link does not work in Network monitor messagebox
95661 HIPs: the Project_untrusted moved to low restricted group
96389 Not all the infected files and linked registry can be deleted after disinfection
96485 Help. Lic. Activate new block is not available
96524 Malware opposes product’s normal operation
96687 help does not work from the Anti-Phishing window
96986 installer:anti-spam plug-in for The Bat is not deleted -return to KAV11
97146 SUPPORT: Íĺ đŕáîňŕĺň çŕďđîń ďŕđîë˙ ďđč îňęëţ÷ĺíčč Ŕíňč-Ôčřčíăŕ.
97566 Status of Password-protected-EXE detection
97733 SB.SR: Safe run does not work with Far Manager 2 x64 shortcut
97869 Help: Help for General Scan settings is not correct
97888 GUI: Lose link when key is not compatibler.
98036 KIS, Ďđîďóńęŕĺě ńňŕđň äđŕéâĺđŕ
98292 GUI.HIPS. Start driver. The path to the object is not correctly
98302 Wrong action for Password-protected-exe
98379 KIS (č – íĺâĺđíűé ŕëĺđň îá ńîçäŕíčĺ ôŕéëŕ
98468 SUPPPORT: Qscan takes too much resources
98471 forum: avp.exe continues to consume CPU time after update and then hangs
98519 PDM: pdm will alert when copy drv which signed by ms to system drivers
98610 Report: PDM: Incorrect result in report for PDM
98616 Gadget: The tooltip threats are different from Security Wizard.
98668 Forum: HIPS: there is no prompt on start of restricted applications
98784 help :the help file name doesn’t consisten with the settings name
98966 SW.BSS: False detection on earlier started process
99346 forum:HIPS:Inject alert for all .Net programms
99365 SUPPORT: USB are corrupted after upgrade from 2009 to 2011
99735 At autoactions we do not show Alert for BSSHeurVerdict
99742 SB.SB: Firefox 3.6 does not restart properly after update
99756 Help: IdleScan
99851 Profile: scan task didn’t pause when video player or game start full screen mode
102822 QB: active threats records status not change after processed
102900 FireWall: Information is not displayed full when add an application network rule
102946 SUPPORT: Backdoor.Win32.Delf.sjp
102949 Help: can’t call help topic in AP settings
102983 SUPPORT: KIS/KAV / Windows Photo gallery crashes
103034 installer:Help document can’t be used after installation
103068 QB:OAS-KSN: File can’t be added to quarantine
103072 11-509: HIPS cannot delete driver file after moving to quarantine
103090 Unable to install the product upgrade to release version
103102 KSN: No info about malware detects
103134 forum: delay when putting a program into Application control list
103139 forum: OpenOffice crashes on exit when KIS 2011 is started
103151 GUI: not link for save report on GUI
103163 11-509: PDM didn’t intersept operations over hardlink
103317 QB: the processed result is incorrect.
103346 SUPPORT: çŕâčńŕíčĺ ńęŕíčđîâŕíč˙
103396 PC:Encrypted message cannot be detected in Instant messaging
103572 SUPPORT: Komodia software doesn’t work with sandbox.
103634 DUMP: hips!onProcessCreatePost_BA72C1A8
103652 [Installer] over write install on specific environments, USB drivers lost
103679 Gadget: When SW info changed the gadget tooltip didn’t change.
103681 SUPPORT: problem with
103685 installer:AS data can’t be saved when uninstallation
103730 SUPPORT: problem with Sandbox
103735 SUPPORT: problem with Sandbox (The application runs in native OS)
103751 PC: “Unable to start tasks, Unexpected error” balloon pops up
103795 ODS: “Scan new archive” doesn’t work
103805 OAS: Verdict not cached
103893 help: ru: íĺâĺđíîĺ îďčńŕíčĺ ęíîďęč “Áëîęčđîâŕíčĺ ńĺňĺâîăî ňđŕôčęŕ”
103894 HIPS: Cannot intercept activity
103926 PC: Outgoing message cannot be checked in Myspace
103944 installer:can’t find “cleanapi.exe”-exit after removing EarthLink
103946 HIPS: Hips cannot intercept the VBS script when the VBS run in the SD
103950 No zero pointer check
103959 forum: Asus PC Probe II doesn’t work with KIS 2011
103979 install:active disinfection detects-reinstall no reboot after removing Earthlink
103980 installer:A new KIS11 installation start again during removing Earthlink
104082 HIPS: Display Unknown Application in Report and Balloon
104094 PC: “Blocked” application cannot be blocked in Win7x64
104175 installer:Product can’t be activated in PIW stage- database is corruped
104195 Installation: win XP – cannot install product using setup.exe
104217 OAS: System files names base not works.
104218 After deinstallation of KIS 11-400 some drivers are not removed
104219 SelfDefense: Cannot modify file in Base when selfdefense disabled
104244 HIPS: Fail to get the alert window of the rule: use command lind of browser
104259 Mail:There is conflict between Mail OP and Antispam OP via MAPI account
104266 GUI.SW. It is necessary to restart KIS. Restart does not work
104326 SelfDefence: critical key “App Paths\avp.exe” is not protected
104342 Installation: Cannot install KAV using setup.exe
104358 SD: Product files not be protected by self-defense after reboot OS
104361 installer:unneccessary uninstall-option about SB Under WinXP X64
104366 SD: Product driver files not be protected when create hardlink.
104373 SD: Product doesn’t protect registry key “Image File Execution Options”
104377 HIPS: Same alert show again
104392 Status of suspicious software
104398 SUPPORT: QIP Infium 9034 ďđîáëĺěŕ ďĺđĺäŕ÷č ăîëîńŕ
104408 AVPtool download starts during minor upgrade over different localization build
104425 PDM: íĺ ńđŕáîňŕë äĺňĺęň óńňŕíîâęč äđŕéâĺđŕ
104446 installer:don’t give message to download AVPTool install again after rollback
104447 SD: Product can be controled by Radmin (A remote application)
104449 HIPS: Cannot intercept stop other process for Pskill
104455 HELP: there is no apply to all in PDM alerts
104476 SB:There is no any response when call the Safe Browser from the main pane.
104478 SR: Safe Run function will be error when call a program with safe run mode.
104497 PDM: The alert window for trojan appear two times in one session.
104541 SUPPORT: Anti-Spam: oeas.dll (un-)registering error with code 0x80004005
104547 ODS: Files not skipped by ichecker
104660 Forum: Vulnerability: a mistake in scan results window
104769 Detection field is empty in ThreatsManager
104781 Gadget: error, when try switch KIS2011->KAV2011
104789 SUPPORT: Double [!! Spam] tag in subject line
104791 strange name the dump file
104798 KIS ĎÄĚ íĺ ďĺđĺőâŕňűâŕĺň đĺăčńňđŕöčţ äđŕéâĺđŕ čç őŕđäëčíęŕ (2)
104807 KSN doesn’t use proxy if setting is Auto-detect
104861 forum: mysterious “unknown” new program in the Application control
104893 PDM: Incorrect create date in Dangerous activity log
104898 SR:IE 9 cannot work in the safe run mode
104900 SUPPORT: With enabled SSL scan https sites open problematically in Firefox
104932 Status for Multipacked detections
104978 PDM: The pdm report dispaly too many similiar record in one session
105003 installer: automatic mode language selection
105059 Help: IdleScan (i)
105132 Forum: Installer: Add/Remove programms “Help link” leads to RU instead of French
105142 11-519: PDM do not intersept trojan and worm p2p over hardlink
105170 Äĺňĺęňčňń˙ îäíŕ óăđîçŕ âěĺńňî äâóő
105210 HIPS: Activity not been locked when click help in Alert
105226 installer:SB uninstall-option is availble though SB shared folder is empty
105243 Windows Security Center shows wrong statuses after applying patch to avp.exe
105307 HIPS: No default for “Status/Group” in AAC
105321 HIPS: Fail to restore default status for the application which exists in KSN
105346 521: Explorer hang at start ProcExploer in a product installation time
105403 WebAV, SB.OB: On Alert “OnlineBanking” the link “Open web resorse” does not work
105423 HIPS: The driver file failed to be deleted after quarantine
105485 forum: PDM detects avp.exe (“Hidden data sending”)
105520 SUPPORT: KIS2011 400a upgrade leaves behind 2009 leftovers
105561 HIPS: GUI: Incorrect symbol in report
105567 Text do not fit the button in PT-BR build
105576 Íĺîáőîäčěî čçěĺíčňü ŕëăîđčňě äîëĺ÷čâŕíč˙ ďîńëĺ AD
105585 HIPS: Incorrect information in Application rule window
105618 11-521: Wrong status in threats manager after Hidden process event
105631 forum:hips:ěĺňîä îáőîäŕ HIPS
105642 Windows 7 Logo Warning: No DisplayName, InstallLocation, Publisher and so on
105672 HIPS: Create system file been denied by FileGuard
105796 installer: multilanguage build en-ru: help should be localized
105847 11-521: Cannot process “Detected” status for some PDM events
105857 Q&B, DT, SysW.BSS: BSS Detect it is incorrectly displayed in Detected Threats
105932 installer: capability change language in product settings
105941 installer: difinition language
105980 installer:Can’t start File-AV, K-Firewall and update task from SC
106040 ODS: Error: Cannot start task ‘Scan_Objects’, error=8000004C
106042 11-522: HIPS: set ask to hardlink in low rest.
106070 installer: customization EULA: don’t unload product if deny EULA
106143 Q&B,DT,SW: Detection Threats cannot process Detection on a replaceable disk
106172 ODS OAS:process error when process eicar.rar if set automatically
106175 PDM: Fail to intercept the trojan-like activity on the special conditions
106206 GUI:phishing link detection afect on Security Wizard
106214 installer: don’t finish installation
106216 HIPS: ďđč îáíîâëĺíčč hipsdb íĺâîçěîćíî óäŕëčňü KL-íîĺ ďđŕâčëî
106222 installer: No messages of the product in the first hour of work
106237 Íĺ čçěĺí˙ĺňń˙ ńňŕňóń ęîěďîíĺíňŕ ďđč ĺăî íĺóńďĺříîé číčöčŕëčçŕöčč.
106254 GUI. Lic. Application is not activated. Wrong buttom on the main window
106290 ODS hangs on specific .cab files
106309 installer: OEM: capability check that product install correct
106333 Button without text in Support window
106357 IProxySettingsProvider caching works wrong
106429 Matousec: Level1-breakput.exe is failed
106488 SUPPORT:Hungarian Loc.: problem with URL Checker
106579 GUI: Loc:Fr. Duplicate link when key is not compatibler.
106609 SysW. build 525: Does not work System Watcher
106615 installer: MUI build: incorrect worked automanic mode
106616 installer: OEM: don’t appear EULA after an hour
106628 Mail:Outlook plugin is not taking effect
106638 Matousec: Level7-Kill12 was failed
106889 Product hung on exit
106939 11-528: Woc statistics not received
106971 Thunderbird plugin don’t work after security update for Thunderbird
107023 IM-AV: New path for ICQ 7.2
100786 installer:Klogon.dll is not registered – upgrade from KIS8.0.0.523
102482 OAS:not detect the locked virus which on the network share folder
103810 SUPPORT: Games from Metaboli Games on Demand Service crashe with our product
105413 SW.BSS: quarantined BSS sample displayed as active threat
106439 User couldn’t install KIS2011 because of detect gredAV (competing product) .
106785 ODS French build:schdule scan mention is wrong
106860 GUI & Plugins: MUI build: on W7x32 language in plug-ins is not switched
106935 GUI & Settings: MUI build: incorrect language strings in setting.
106946 11-528: HIPS Trusted chain cannot be saved
106967 SB.SD: MS Word 2010 is not working in Sandbox (SafeDesktop)
106971 Thunderbird plugin don’t work after security update for Thunderbird
106989 ODS: Hang task during scan folder with eicar
107040 Mail:OP can’t detected virus while the mail received
98466 Suspicious eicar should move to quarantine instead of delete during quick scan
101538 SUPPORT: Request for localization change
101999 installer:Product can’t be used after reboot
102332 setup.exe must search for a new version in
103714 11-509: PDM does not intersept operations over AdminShare
104695 instaler:Product and OS hang after reboot
105090 Parental Control:Porno site waas not blocked
105618 11-521: Wrong status in threats manager after Hidden process event
105677 Installer: Alert doesn’t appear 7 hours later
105847 11-521: Cannot process “Detected” status for some PDM events
106161 Licansing & Updater. Problems with autorization on proxy
106344 GUI: text does not fit in the window
106497 Bug in “last_base_update_date” field
106768 installer:Product and OS hang seriously after installation
106949 installer:Protection is not running -start again after product exits
107160 Performance: iCheckerDB high CPU usage
107171 installer:The exception Breakpoint error and dump – upgrade from KIS8
107214 There is no rescan detected files while processing
107324 installer: mui: upgrade
93602 Installer: Iswift file can not pick up when upgrade from KIS9
106182 GUI. Strange Behaviour. Application hang
106352 installer: audit mode: need reinstall product if use /generalize
106431 “authorization on proxy” window pops up in PIW when activation screen appears
106690 bootstrapper do not start download of newer version for french build
107276 QB: After delete action locked file not moved to deleted group
107308 installer:unrecognizable Text on KSN Window-Need be localized
107315 installer:Mul bulid en_ru:License.txt can’t be found
107368 GUI. “Buy Now” link replacement – 2
94120 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\WmiHlp should be moved under protected
107232 ODS: Processing error on locked files in asynchronous scan mode
90453 PDM:Product terminate rename host file process by mistake
98351 QB: no record for locked file
105119 accounting software “1C:Ďđĺäďđč˙ňčĺ” crashes due to klif installed
106249 GUI. Lic. CSLN. Trial expired. Redundant information (alert & messagebox)
106803 installer:EULA appears-repair from start menu after installation in normal mode
106967 SB.SD: MS Word 2010 is not working in Sandbox (SafeDesktop)
108498 installer:Sanbox shared shorcut in Libraries\Documents is not deleted-uninstall
108500 PDM removed trusted application
108530 GUI. Subscription update (key is missing). Message is not localized
108558 installer:Customized SB shortcut is not deleted -migration from KIS11 to KAV11
108742 GUI.FR, SysW: Íŕ ŕëĺđňĺ íĺň ęđŕňęîăî îďčńŕíč˙ óăđçű
108812 OEM: silent mode with activation code (there is no baloon about EULA)
108826 News Agent: Filter LicDaysLeft =0 doesn’t work
108830 Lic. Protection state (-80)
108833 OEM: decline EULA and then accept it
108509 Malware still active after disinfection of Backdoor.Win32.Sinowal.ce
108686 Disinfection sometimes failed when it’s infected with
108830 Lic. Protection state (-80)
108845 Installer; Buttons “turn on” in SC, not work before EULA accepting
108899 DUMP: hips!shared_shared_count_434757A3
108929 DUMP: procmon!revert_8927116E
108863 OS hang
108948 GUI: FR loc: not localized Web Alert
108738 message from uac about random msi file during installation
109033 OEM: there is no baloon about EULA
109042 No EULA and KSN text in EULA accept dialog after silent mode in regional builds
109055 GUI: it-IT: absent link to help
109056 installer: it-IT: need reinstall applicationAlso different crashes were fixed.

Versiunea poate fi testata GRATUIT timp de 30 de zile si orice problema intampinata poate fi raportata, conform instructiunilor din acest topic. De asemenea pot fi furnizate informatii despre bug-urile sesizate de voi in versiunea actuala de pe site, bug-uri remediate in acest CF2.

DOWNLOAD Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 CF2 RC (Release Candidate):

voluntar al Comodo Malware Research Team, expert Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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