Lansare Kaspersky 2012 final – Descarca noua gama de produse de securitate

V-am prezentat inceputul testarii Beta pentru Kaspersky 2012 si link-urile de download. De curand AV-Test a evaluat noua suita de securitate: Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 si rezultatele au fost excelente (vezi acest articol)

Peste exact 23 de ore Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 si Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 vor fi lansate oficial (vezi contul Facebook al Kaspersky).

Noi insa va oferim de acum link-urile de download si lista modificarilor aduse de aceasta noua versiune.

KIS 2012

Iata changelog-ul:

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is a comprehensive data protection tool. The application protects you from viruses and malware, unknown threats and Internet fraud, while allowing you to control access to your computer and the Internet.

The multifaceted protection covers all channels for data transfer and exchange. Flexible configuration provided for each protection component lets users adapt Kaspersky Internet Security to their specific needs.

What’s new in the application interface:
The Task Manager, which allows you to view all completed scan tasks and those in progress, has been added.
The redesigned interface of the main window now allows you to view all the necessary information about the computer protection status, activity of protection components, update status of anti-virus databases, and license validity period.
The section providing information about the cloud protection, has been added.
The search by key word, which allows you to find the required settings or functionality from the main window, has been added.
Viewing of Kaspersky Lab news has been optimized.
The support of touchscreens has been added.
Application reports are easy-to-see.
The gadget’s design has been improved; also, the list of actions that can be performed using the gadget, has been expanded.

What’s improved:
The procedure for searching incompatible software has been improved, which allows to avoid conflicts between applications.
The list of an application’s actions that you can roll back if that application is considered to be malicious, has been expanded.
The System Watcher technology has been improved: not only does it now collect information about actions performed by an application during the current session, but it also collects information during all the previous sessions.
The application threat rating technology, which is based on the analysis of applications’ behavior in other users’ systems, has been improved to protect the computer and personal data of users of Kaspersky Lab applications.
The option of checking the reputation of an application, its threat rating, and usage statistics from other users before running that application, has been added.
The functionality of Kaspersky URL Advisor has been improved: the option of viewing additional information about categories of websites has been added.
The list of supported web browsers has been expanded.
The cloud protection has been significantly improved. A blend of cloud technologies and traditional signature methods ensures a high level of protection for your computer regardless of whether it is connected to the Internet constantly or not.
Download of updates has been accelerated. The update process does not impact other running applications, conceding them priority in using the hard drive.
Efficiency of protection against rootkits has been increased: the technologies designed for preventing the loading process of the operating system from being intercepted by malware, have been improved.
The self-defense technology has been improved: it is now active since the very beginning of the application installation process, preventing attempts of disabling the anti-virus protection; it can be disabled upon the user’s request only.
The application’s impact on the operating system’s performance and the user’s typical operations has been reduced. For example, the impact on the operating system’s loading time and the applications’ launching time has been reduced.
The function of recognizing phishing websites in all protection components has been significantly improved. When recognizing phishing websites and protecting the user against spam, new methods of heuristic analysis are now used, along with data updated in online databases in real-time mode, which ensures a quicker response of protection against emerging threats.
Parental Control now features a quick access to viewing reports and modifying the control settings; control of users’ messaging in social networks has also been improved.
The procedures of activating the application, purchasing and renewing the license have been simplified, as well as switching from the trial version to the commercial one.

When installing Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 over the 2011 version, the previously activated additional license for the 2011 version will not be inherited by the 2012 version.
If AVPTool (Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool) is detected on your computer during the installation, it is required that you either select automatic uninstallation of this application followed by reboot, or uninstall it manually.
The limiting of the maximum size cannot be applied to Quarantine and Backup correctly.
If File Anti-Virus has been paused by schedule, the Pause / Resume protection item misses in the context menu of the application.
Some windows of the application don’t follow completely MS recommendations regarding managing from keyboard (Tab, Alt-X).
The application may return errors when copying updates to a non-existing folder.
In some cases, no characters can be entered at the Virtual Keyboard in entry fields of web browsers or applications.
Functioning of Parental Control may become unstable if the account name coincides with the computer name.
Safe Run for Applications does not support startup of custom scan from the context menu of an object.
When you move an application from one group to another and then back in Application Control, child processes lose their initial restrictions.

Kaspersky Antivirus 2012:
Kaspersky Internet Security 2012:

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  1. gloc

    sa fie sanatosi

  2. catalin

    Din punct de vedere al impactului asupra unui sistem, sta mult mai bine decat versiunea 2011.

  3. flo

    Oare merg serialele de pe 2011? Sper ca da!

    1. cossad

      Am introdus coduri de la promotia Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 – 3 luni licenta GRATUITA :
      Nu functioneaza !

  4. Paul 46

    Dupa mine, cred ca acest Kaspersky 2012 o sa rupa topurile……bravo lor….

  5. catalin

    Licentele de pe 2011 merg si pe 2012. Insa nu cred ca aceeasi situatie este posibila si la promotii. Eu am facut trecerea cu licenta de pe 2011 si a functionat.

  6. virus2009

    @ cossad
    pe 2012 nu merge , pune 2011

  7. flo

    Merge cu serial de la promotia spaniola, aia cu un an:-)

  8. flo

    Am incercat Trust port Total Protection, e de luat in seama, zic eu, cu motoare AVG si Defender si se misca foarte bine. Sunt inca licente 3 luni la o promotie ruseasca.

  9. Aeouin

    Deci, in release notes spun clar ca licenta ramasa de la versiunea 2011 nu se mosteneste si pentru 2012.

    When installing Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 over the 2011 version, the previously activated additional license for the 2011 version will not be inherited by the 2012 version.

    Intrebarea mea: anul trecut mergea cumparata licenta de 2010 si facut upgrade gratis la 2011. Anul asta, merge cu aceeasi licenta 2010 un upgrade la 2012?

  10. basano

    Licenta de la 2011 nu merge la 2012

    1. basano

      Licenta pe care am incercat sa o instalez este promotie si nu merge de la 2011 la 2012 la acest lucru m-am referit ,insa nu am fost destul de explicit…..

  11. Florin

    La mine merge. Mai am 108 zile de licenta.

  12. catalin

    Sunt unii printre voi care n-au nicio treaba. Pe deasupra va mai dati si cu parerea.
    Aici raspuns oficial:

  13. basano

    @Catalin gramatica ta e PRAF……..

  14. catalin


    Esti un simplu aberator.

  15. Florin

    Cand vedem un review la noile produse Kaspersky, pe acest site? As vrea sa vad parerea unui specialist in domeniu, ce plusuri si ce minusuri are KIS 2012.

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