Concurs aniversar 9: Castiga 10 licente Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro

Iata-ne ajunsi la concursul aniversar cu numarul 9. In colaborare cu Malwarebytes va oferim 10 licente gratuite pentru versiunea Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO.

In plus fata de versiunea gratuita, acest produs aduce protectie in timp real, scanare flash, scanare programata si utilitare aditionale pentru devirusare.
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware este unul dintre cele mai bune produse complementare unui antivirus, pentru detectia si indepartarea malware-ului de tip spyware, troian, backdoor, worm.

malwarebytes pro concurs

Ce trebuie sa faceti pentru a participa?
Raspundeti la intrebarea de mai jos:

In ceea ce priveste computerele, ce tip de utilizator va considerati a fi: incepator, mediu, avansat? Argumentati in cateva cuvinte.

Asteptam raspunsurile sub forma de comentarii la acest articol, pana pe data de 15 noiembrie, inclusiv.
Premiile se acorda prin tragere la sorti.

voluntar al Comodo Malware Research Team, expert Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

203 responses to “Concurs aniversar 9: Castiga 10 licente Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro”

  1. Alexandru

    Ce se mai aude legat de câştigători ?

    1. happyday

      e posibil ca in aceasta seara sa se organizeze extragerea iar castigatorii sa primeasca licentele.
      bafta! 😉

  2. Pawel

    I would classify myself as intermediate, because my computer knowlege is above average especially if we are talking about security and software but my hardware knowledge is a little bit low, because it was a years ago when I have assembled my last PC by myself. Since then I use only laptops, so I don’t need such a hardware experience.
    Thanks for another great giveaway. Keep it that way!

  3. Cool

    For me I think for start a beginner in computer is the one who only know how to use simple tool and doesn’t really know how to utilize the usage of computer to its fullest. What they do is basically just using computer for office purpose such as Microsoft document going online for Facebook and other entertainment such as YouTube.

    A intermediate computer person is basically more advance than the beginner they are the kind that more wary of latest news in computing world and participate in the latest happening of technologies. They also wanted and constantly updating themselves for the current best tool, software, gadget, and etc that are interested them. An intermediate also does concern about their securities issue in the world of computing.

    I would like to consider an advanced person in computer is the one who know and familiar with how the computing works and keep on searching while learning thing that are related to computing. They are the one who know how to “tweak” and utilize their system to work to its fullest. They also very concern on their security issue and willing to learn how those virus work and how it infect other in order to prevent them.

    Well this is my definition concerning these 3 categories in the world of computing. Hope you understand what I wrote here. I apologize for my bad language.

    Anyway thank again for such great giveaway and cheer. Oh and please count me in too 😀

  4. Phil

    This is a great product which I need badly on my system. Count me in. Thanks!

  5. Ghost

    Thanks For campaign..Best anti-malware security program.Good campaign..

    Count me in.

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