AVG Internet Security 2012 – 90 de zile licenta GRATUITA

AVG are o oferta speciala pentru produsul lor de top AVG Internet Security 2012, 90 de zile licenta gratuita.

AVG internet security 2012 gratuit

Iata ce noutati aduce:

  • AntiRootkit: Improved detection of new variants of Alureon rootkit.
  • AntiSpam: Added IPv6 support in AntiSpam update.
  • Core: More flexible virus definitions.
  • Core: Improved heuristic detection.
  • Core: Optimization of “Scan files referred in registry” in Resident Shield.
  • Core: Fixed crash during scan of registry.
  • Core: Polymorphic malware detection methods have been optimized.
  • Core: Some false alarms removed.
  • Documentation: Instructions on fixing the most frequent technical issues have been added to chapter Troubleshooting in Help.
  • Firewall: Added support for NTFS volumes mounted as directories.
  • Firewall: Firewall settings lists’ items can be selected by the space key.
  • Firewall: Fixed displaying ask dialogs for communication of 32-bit applications on 64-bit operating systems.
  • General: Added reset button for Anti-Spam statistics.
  • General: Extended statistics of SharePoint document scanner component.
  • General: Extended statistics of VSAPI and antivirus transport agents components.
  • General: Added posibility to switch off scan of outbound emails in VSAPI plug-in.
  • General: Added support for Anti-Rootkit exceptions.
  • General: AVG products allow sound notifications for specific alerts.
  • Kernel: End of MS Outlook 2000/2002 support.
  • Kernel: Fixed issue with Resident Shield exclusion list when Kerio mail server is installed.
  • Outlook: Fixed compatibility issue with Alt-N Outlook Connector.
  • Setup: Setup will ask for restart if the installation of Microsoft redistributables requires it.
  • Setup: Fixed incorrect registry rights in Firewall installation.
  • Setup: Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 is detected as conflicting application.
  • Safe Search: Fixed crash in Google Chrome when BitDefender TrafficLight is enabled.
  • Safe Search: Fixed LinkScanner crash during common browsing.
  • Safe Search: Optimization for framesets implemented.
  • Setup: Fixed crash when saving log files in setup.
  • Setup: Fixed issue with detection of competitive products.
  • Toolbar: Toolbar introduces a new feature for private browsing.
  • Update: Last update time displayed in AVG user interface changes only if the update was successful.
  • User Interface: Several components were grouped together to reduce number of components in overview.
  • User Interface: Fixed handling of duplicates in Resident Shield exceptions list.
  • User Interface: Added default settings for advanced “Identity Protection settings” dialog.
  • User Interface: Added support for In-application store.
  • User Interface: Fixed notification about logged in users in restart request dialog.

Pentru a descarca si testa gratuit AVG Internet Security 2012 accesati site-ul:
https://goo.gl/jCGJk sau direct https://avg.com.ru/download/avg_isct_stb_all_2012_1869_asbis_1.exe

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10 responses to “AVG Internet Security 2012 – 90 de zile licenta GRATUITA”

  1. Alin

    De ce as instala un beta cand produsul este de mult pe piata?

  2. Shakaul

    Scuze de off-opic:

    Radu, te stiu fan Comodo…spune-mi si mie ai un uninstall tool pt Comodo Firewall free sau in general pt suita lor?
    Am incercat cu uninstall-ul lui, cu Your Uninstaller, si nimic..nu se scoate corect..raman procese agatate, nu pot sa testez alte solutii…daca nu aveam un image back-up sa ii dau restore…imi mananca ficatii!!

    1. virus2009

      Inainte de a dezinstala produsul antivirus, regula de baza, e sa opresti serviciile de baza si protectia lui de a se autoproteja, asta im modul grafic cu OS rulind.

      Mai mult ca sigur asa ai procedat.

    2. 1q

      exact asta mi s-a intamplat si mie, noroc cu discul de reparare a sistemului si cu imaginea…pfff

  3. Shakalu

    @Radu, ms!
    @Virus2009 – am dat cu exit inainte de instalare si am scos procesele dar nu ma lasa la unele..


  4. Bogdan C.

    Toți cei care vreți o licență Avg IS 2012 cu o valabilitate mult mai mare decât 3 luni trimiteți-mi un email la adresa [cpumpc] [ @ ] [gmail.com]. Bineînțeles adresa nu conține paranteze pătrate.

  5. Ftw0w

    Si eu ofer licenta AVG IS 2012 cu o valabilitate nelimitata, trimite-ti un email la adresa [ ftw0ws @ gmail ( dot ) com ] ; Desigur, legat.

    @ DOT = PUNCT !

  6. marius

    buna ce stiti de panda e bun anti virusu

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