AVG Internet Security 2013 – 180 de zile licenta GRATUITA

Printr-o promotie speciala puteti obtine AVG Internet Security 2013 absolut gratuit pentru 6 luni.

AVG 2013

Produsul aduce o interfata grafica noua si cateva imbunatatiri si caracteristici noi, pe care le puteti vedea si in changelog-ul oficial:

* Improved scanning using enhanced scanning algorithms for faster scanning.
* Improved compatibility with a detected 3rd party Firewall.
* Refined threshold for browser memory consumption.
* Boot accelerator optimizes time needed for boot up.
* Fresh and new user interface for easier navigation and better user experience.
* AVG 2013 is fully compatible with Windows 8.

* Anti-Rootkit: Improved reporting of corrupted sections.
* Anti-Spam: Improved configuration of all Anti-Spam components.
* General: Alert Manager component has been removed.
* General: Update selection dialog has been removed.
* General: System Tools component has been removed.
* Setup: Driver installation logging has been extended to provide enhanced information.
* Setup: Search Shield component will not be installed by default, but only after having been selected for installation.

Pentru a obtine AVG Internet Security 2013 GRATUIT pentru 6 luni, folositi link-ul:
si urmati instructiunile furnizate acolo.

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  1. kazz

    …bagati la adresa melbourne australia zip code 3000 ca altfel nu vrea…succes

  2. Smoker

    Salutare intre Avast, Avira sau versiunea asta de AVG ce recomanzi?

  3. igjr38

    Linux 🙂

  4. kl4ws

    Cica “We’re sorry, this offer isnt available in your region”, pot downloada doar trial de 30 de zile.
    Vreo solutie?

    1. Neo

      Cauta un proxy din Austria.

      O zi buna !

  5. Valigw

    Incearca sa folosesti:

  6. Paul


    AVG a schimbat CEO-ul companiei, fostul CEO va face parte din biroul executiv(daca nu ma insel).

    O zi buna!

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