Error Detected in Your Account Informations – Atac phishing asupra clientilor CHASE

Se raspandeste un nou email de tip phishing care vizeaza clientii Subiectul sau este unul din urmatoarele: Chase Bank Account Summary Alert!!! si Error Detected in Your Account Informations.

Mesajul suna astfel:


Dear Customer,

Your account is deactivated.

If you would like to renew your account,
Click the link below.

Click Here Now To Renew Your Account



This is an Alert to help manage your account

This Alert relates to multiple login attempts into your online banking account from a fraudulent device so your account was blocked.
You have to click this link now for your account summary update
please provide your full and correct information,
Please NOTE***
Without your full and correct information this problem cannot be solve and your account will remain block forever.
if not we will consider this account as fraudulent.
Yours sincerely,
chase Online Banking.
© 2013 JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Linkul conduce la: sau
Link-ul subliniat nu apartine bancii JPMorgan Chase & Co., al carui site oficial este

chase phishing

NU cadeti in capcana hotilor de carduri si conturi bancare!

Multumesc lui Farcas Gelu Danut pentru atentionare!

voluntar al Comodo Malware Research Team, expert Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

6 responses to “Error Detected in Your Account Informations – Atac phishing asupra clientilor CHASE”

  1. Marmota Antivirus

    si dupa ce introduci userul + parola te trimite aici:

    unde ai de introdus toate datele personale (nume, prenume, data nasteri, conturi, etc)
    dupa ce completezi totul corect :)), te trimite aici:

    si se multumeste frumos pentru datele introduse:
    You Have Successfully Confirmed your account information.
    Our robust proprietary risk models help to protect you by monitoring for unusual activity – and working to stop it.
    Chase technology evaluates transactions according to hundreds of variables in order to pinpoint potentially fraudulent activity.
    We use powerful encryption methods to help protect your sensitive information.

  2. Marmota Antivirus

    info update:
    verifica daca cardul introdus este valid folosind javascriptul:

    verifica daca adresa de e-mail este valida, folosind javascriptu:

    datele introduse sunt expediate prin intermediul:
    hxxp:// (username & password)
    hxxp:// (nume, prenume, etc )

  3. Farcas Gelu Danut

    V-am trimis si eu un astfel de e-mail.
    Cred ca acesta este, nu?

    1. happyday

      Dap, cred ca asta e, nu mai stiu pe altcineva care sa fie asa bombardat cu mail-uri phishingoase. 😉

  4. WindowsCluj

    Am primit si eu insa ce nu cunosc sterg.

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