Spybot +AV 2.1 Beta – Un nou antivirus cu motor BitDefender

Spybot era mai demult un nume in industria anti-malware cand venea vorba de detectie si indepartare adware, spyware, troieni. Intre timp performantele sale si notorietatea au scazut.

Iata ca acum se relanseaza intr-o noua versiune cu antivirus, folosind motorul BitDefender. Noul produs se numeste Spybot +AV 2.1 si este in testare BETA pe site-ul oficial.

spyboy +av beta

Iata caracteristicile produsului:

  • Antivirus scan (Home Edition and above)
  • Enhanced GUI: a simple view has been added to many components and the number of dialogues has been reduced.
  • Colour coded indicator on dialogue boxes for easy reference
  • MRU Scan: ability to tell Spybot to only scan the Most Recently Used files
  • Added scan mode to only scan for usage tracks
  • Improved rootkit scan, suspicious results can be scanned with our File Scan
  • Multi-core processor support in scan engine (Home Edition and above)
  • Live Protection
  • Internet Security: an integrated proxy server blocks access to suspect URLs (Windows 8 is currently not supported)
  • Improved ‘Protected Repair Environment’ – now has its own easy to use Spybot taskbar
  • Updated Boot CD Creator allows to create your own Boot CD with Spybot 1 and 2
  • Boot sector scanning
  • Extensive white list for system files, now used in more Spybot components
  • Spybot now prompts you to create a white list when installed on newly commissioned systems
  • French and Italian translations now included by default

O problema cunoscuta in aceasta versiune este protectia antivirus deficitara pe Windows 8.

Pentru mai multe informatii si link-ul de download accesati:

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