Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.2 aduce multe functii noi

Panda Cloud Antivirus este un produs cu o protectie buna ce are doua versiuni: una Gratuita si una Pro (cu bani).

Fata de versiunea Gratuita, cea Pro ofera Firewall, Suport Tehnic, Actualizari Automate, Vaccinare Automata a stick-urilor USB si nu are reclame.

panda cloud antivirus 2.2

A fost lansata de curand versiunea 2.2 care aduce noi functii in categoria Community Labs:

  • Data Shield: This new Protection prevents malware from accessing your personal data. In case a new malware can surpass all protection layers and infiltrate into your PC, Data Shield will avoid any theft or encryption of the important thing: your personal data. We are so sure about the importance of this protection, that we are releasing it enabled by default.
  • Parental Control: Keep an eye on the web sites your kids are visiting and protect them from inappropriate content by blocking access to any of 59 different categories. Have a quick view of your children’s activity in a dashboard filtered by date, website or category.
  • Rescue Boot. This new feature is extremely useful in case of emergency situations caused by malware infections. Once created you will be able to boot from a USB or from a rescue option in your PC and remove any virus that locks your system thanks to Panda Cloud Cleaner technology.
  • Access Control. Access to Panda Cloud Antivirus settings can be protected by a password from unauthorized people.
  • Safe Mode: Users will be able to install Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.2 and scan their PC against malware threats in Safe Mode.

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  1. Nelu B

    Stit cumva daca exista si Panda Cloud Pro pentru testare?

  2. yo9fah

    Până când să vă zic că cel mai tare AV e useru’…. ha?

  3. andreas

    Panda cloud antivirus este o solutie foarte buna de securitate dar consuma cam multe resurse. la chestia asta ar cam trebui sa lucreze cei de la panda…..

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