COMODO Internet Security 7 a fost lansat in versiunea finala

Va anuntam acum cateva zile despre noul Comodo Internet Security 7 Beta si primele informatii le-ati aflat de pe blogul nostru. Iata ca a venit vremea ca oricine sa aiba acces la noua tehnologie incorporata in versiunea 7 finala.

comodo 7

Iata care sunt modificarile aduse acestei versiuni:

Viruscope monitors the activities of processes running on your computer and alerts you if they attempt to take suspicious actions. Apart from forming yet another layer of malware detection and prevention, the sub-system represents a valuable addition to the core process-monitoring functionality of the Behavior Blocker by introducing the ability to reverse potentially undesirable actions of software without necessarily blocking the software entirely. This provides more granular control over otherwise legitimate software which requires certain actions to be taken in order to run correctly. Viruscope works using a constantly expanded list of activity ‘recognizers’, which allow the software to detect, block and undo many potentially unwanted actions.

Website Filtering
The new website filtering section gives CIS users a powerful and easy way to allow or block access to specific websites. Website access rules can be created for particular users of your computer, which makes this feature very useful for both home and work environments. For example, parents can block juvenile users from visiting inappropriate websites while companies can prevent employees from visiting leisure sites during working hours. You also have the option to create a log event whenever a user tries to visit a website which is in conflict with a rule. CIS ships with several preset lists (or ‘categories’) of URLs which can be added to rules that you create – including the ‘Malicious sites category’, the ‘Comodo Safe category’, the ‘Comodo Phishing category’ and the ‘Comodo Malware category’.

Protected Data Folder
New data security feature which makes important files completely invisible to programs running in the sandbox. Files placed inside a ‘Protected Data Folder’ cannot be read, accessed or modified by any sandboxed application.

UI Update
The CIS user interface features several design and UX enhancements which allow you to accomplish tasks faster while keeping you better informed than ever before. New themes include the bold new ‘Metro’ theme.
Process Activity Dialog is added.
Added ‘Please call a live expert’ balloon message in main GUI when running into ‘At Risk’ status.
Virtual Kiosk is renamed to Virtual Desktop

Added full support for ICMP IPv6.
All CIS Advanced Settings components are now accessible via CisTray menu.
Windows in ‘grid view’: Improved file search operation and added ‘search completed’ notification; added ‘Jump to Folder’ option; columns now retain their widths as last changed by the user.
Fixed cursor behavior when dragging folders to ‘Sandbox Objects’.
Newly created rule in HIPS rules lists are added on the top of the list (instead of the bottom).
AV Scan results and Rating scan results windows can be viewed in full screen mode.
CIS UI tooltips now correspond to Windows style.
CIS date and time format are applied from the user’s Windows settings

Mai pe scurt, a fost introdus un modul de blocare comportamentala a proceselor (Viruscope) si activitatilor suspecte, un filtru web (anti-phishing, anti-malware), interfata grafica a fost imbunatatita si au fost remediate anumite probleme ale versiunii 6.

Pentru a descarca si testa noul produs accesati forumul oficial pentru ultimele link-uri:

voluntar al Comodo Malware Research Team, expert Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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  1. zame77

    Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 6 luni THE BEST

    1. Lokomotiv Moskva

      Neahhh ….

    2. stede

      Buunnnnn 🙂

    3. Valigw

      Multumim, am obtinut licenta pe 6 luni.

  2. starforce7


    Se poate face update sau trebuie neapărat să descarc şi să instalez noua versiune ? Acum am 6.3.xxxxx.


  3. Cosa Nostra

    Pe când un review?

  4. Cosa Nostra

    Am vazut ca si-au schimbat situl si nu mai par sa afiseze Internet Security ca free ci doar antivirusul.

    Restul….afiseaza ca versiune pro pe bani.

    Oare sa se reorienteze de la un produs free la unul pe bani ?

    1. costi

      nu cred ca va fi pe bani, eu l-am descarcat de pe forumul comodo (necesita sa fii inregistrat ca membru-gratuit) si este in continuare gratuit. probabil ca dureaza pana cand este lansat pe site-ul oficial.

      1. Cosa Nostra

        aham…sa vedem….

  5. Mihai

    Bravo lor.Se prea chinuie de ceva ani.Versiunea lor 6 ma dezamagit .Momentan inclin inspre versiunile platite gen kaspersky apoi bit defender

  6. buga ciprian

    Personal tot pe Linux rămân ! Antivirus ?!?!?! Pentru ce e utilajul ? Hi ! Hi ! Hi !

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